Facility Use

Facility Use

Facility Use

General Statement

Heartland Church (“Heartland”) maintains its facility for usage by Heartland members, attenders, and non-attenders in the community. The following policy is standard for all persons or groups and is expected to be followed at all times. Due to maintenance and upkeep needs, a reasonable fee is requested upon execution of the rental agreement. Any and all groups or functions must be approved by the appropriate committee of Heartland which is ultimately answers to the Governing Board of Heartland.

We believe that our buildings and facilities are a gift from God and we desire they be used to glorify Him. We also believe He has made us custodians and stewards of these resources. The user’s activities must be consistent with the mission statement of the church. Activities and conduct must be consistent with those reasonably expected in a church facility.

When approving a request to use our facilities, we take into consideration the existing commitments to other groups, both inside and outside the church. The church is not available on Sunday mornings. This is how we prioritize the use of our facility:

Heartland program and ministry events (these are regularly scheduled and church related)
Heartland members and regular attenders (6+ months)
Group or individual from within the community (schools, non-profit organizations, etc.)


User Responsibilities and Other Guidelines

Heartland reserves the right to assess damage fees due to injury to our facility by a user(s) as deemed necessary.

No smoking is allowed inside any of Heartland’s facilities, and smoking remnants may not be thrown on the ground outside the building.

After the event the users are expected to place the tables and chairs in the same condition as they were when they arrived.

All children and youth activities are required to have designated responsible adults in attendance as sponsors and chaperones for said activities.

Heartland furnishings located in the auditorium may only be moved upon approval of an authorized representative of Heartland.

Heartland technicians must be used whenever sound, lighting, or video systems are used in the auditorium. Outside technicians are not permitted to operate Heartland’s video/audio systems. Children are not permitted to be in the tech booth at any time for any reason.

Any recorded music brought in must be pre-approved by Heartland administration. This includes pre-prepared video presentations.

Those using Heartland facilities on any Saturday evening must vacate the building by 8:00 pm.

Alcohol may not be served or consumed in Heartland’s buildings or on Heartland’s grounds.

Heartland does not have kitchen facilities. Any food that is to be served must be prepared outside the church and carried in, and the used dishes must be carried back out to be cleaned elsewhere. Users will have access to running water, but the maintenance closet may not be used for cleaning items used for service.

No decorations may be hung from the ceiling.

No linen or decorations will be provided by Heartland.

No red drinks may be served in the facility (red pop, Hawaiian Punch, etc.)

A Heartland representative (usually paid) must be present for opening/and closing, and sometimes during the event.

If you are interested in learning more about renting Heartland's facilities, complete this information form and we'll get back with you.

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