Worship & Music

Worship & Music


Worship Gatherings

Our Worship Gatherings

We want you to experience Jesus Christ in our worship gatherings. As a team of techs, musicians and leaders, we work each Sunday to create an environment that helps people connect with God. A big part of this is the music we use to worship God.

If you'd like to know more about our worship gatherings, here's what to expect.


Jon Nicol - Worship Pastor

The worship and music ministry is lead by Jon Nicol. He has a heart for developing musicians and growing great teams. Often you won’t find Jon out front leading. We have several team members who share the responsibility of leading worship.

Jon Nicol

Cherri Todd - Administration

If you get involved in the worship ministry, you’ll probably bump into Cherri sooner than later. Cherri’s the one that holds this ministry together by assisting Jon and handling all the administrative pieces.

Cherri Todd

Opportunities to Serve

 The Worship Ministry is a “team of teams.” We have two primary teams, the Platform Team and the Production Team who, together, create an environment during our services that encourage people to worship God and experience the life-changing love of Jesus.

We are regularly bringing in new musicians and techs to these two teams. Here’s more information about the two teams:

Platform Team

The Platform Team

Our Platform Team is the group of musicians (vocalists and instrumentalists) and leaders who serve the congregation by leading and modeling worship.

[Click here to learn more about serving on the Platform Team.]

Production Team

The Production Team

Our Production Team helps create our worship environment through lighting, video projection and sound.

[Click here to learn more about serving on the Production Team.]


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