Questions Answered

Questions Answered

We have a trained staff of safety officers who monitor both on screen and patrol before, during and after our services. You may notice them by the funny little ear wigs they wear in order to stay connected to each other and the monitor station attendant. Each room is equipped with a radio to call for help if needed, and monitored by recorded cameras. The lobby and hallways are also monitored by cameras. Should you need help at any point, feel free to enlist the help of one of our safety officers.

What should I wear?
We are a very casual, laid back church. You may see people dressed in their "Sunday best", and you may see people in shorts and flip flops. We all come together mostly concerned about growing closer to God, and less about how we look!

How will I know if a service is cancelled?
The best way is to be on our email list (click here to enroll), but we also post closures on our website and through local radio stations. 

What about the kids?
We take our responsibility to care for your children extremely seriously. Click here to learn more about the policies we have in place. Our kids from infant through 1st grade check in and go directly to class each Sunday. Those in 2nd through 6th grade join the adults in the auditorium for worship, and will be released to class before the sermon begins. Their teachers and safety staff meet them at the back doors to ensure they get to their class, but you are more than welcome to accompany them as well. 

From time to time we will have a family service where our kids (usually preK through 6th grade) are invited to attend the entire service as a family. We'll let you know when that happens. 

What about my teen?
Our Student Ministry is geared towards students in 7th through 12th grades. During the school year they meet most Sunday evenings from 6-8 at the church for fun and learning, and get together other times for extra-curricular activities. Visit our Student Ministry page for more about this ministry area.

Cameras? Video Equipment?
From time to time we will have a photographer/videographer roaming in order to provide some action shots for promotional purposes. These pictures are primarily used to help us communicate activities and services. By attending a Heartland event, you are agreeing to the photography/video release.

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