Who We Are

Who We Are


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Officially, Heartland Church is a member of the Christian & Missionary Alliance in the Central District (Eastern Ohio & West Virginia).  You can learn more about what God is currently doing around the world in our denomination here, and you can learn more about what God is doing in the Central District here.

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Locally, Heartland Church is a group of “real people following Jesus together.” That’s our way of saying who we are, but it’s more than a tag line; it’s an identity. It’s who we’ve been, and at the same time it’s who we want to be.  We’re all different ages and come from different backgrounds and experiences … but moving forward from here we follow Jesus together. 


Who We Are


Because we’re now together, we honestly help each other listen for and hear Jesus through his Word and through each other’s stories. We genuinely challenge each other to learn more and respond to Jesus by obeying what he says. And we openly pray for each other, because we get that each of us struggles with truly surrendering to Jesus as Lord. We believe that’s what ‘following together’ is all about. 


What We Do


So that’s who we are. This is what we do: “we carry the life-changing love of Jesus to those wanting more. That’s right. Jesus’ love has changed us and continues to change us. He’s commanded us to go, and wherever we find ourselves we carry his love to others who are hungry for more than this life or this world can possibly offer.

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