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the great commission fund

why the GCF?

The greatness of this fund lies in Jesus’ Great Commission. Its greatness is not based on the words He spoke but in the love He shared. Jesus’ Great Commission demonstrates His extravagant and sacrificial love. The Great Commission Fund (GCF) helps the Alliance family share this love with a lost and dying world.

When you give, you partner with Alliance workers who shine the light of Jesus into the lives of those living in spiritual darkness. Through GCF-funded medical outreaches, micro enterprise projects, community centers, and church planting, The Alliance is obeying Christ’s command to “make disciples of all nations.”


Click here to give to the Great Commission Fund.

heartland church goals

2021 Goal - $45,000

YTD Giving - $29,773.12

Donation jar full of coins

GCF-Dollar Distribution

This chart illustrates the distribution of the $10,165,583 annual GCF Budget

Great Commission Fund Dollar Distribution Pie Chart
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