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here at heartland

We are a group from the Lexington area who are passionate about our relationship with Jesus and with others. Our students are pushed to grow in their relationship with Jesus, and it can be difficult to know when someone is growing. So, here are Heartland, our BIG WIN is when a teenager takes a step towards owning their faith.  

"own your faith?"

When we say ‘own your faith’, we mean that we want our students to have their own intimate, authentic, and personal relationship with Jesus. We want our students to not just go through the motions in their faith, but to experience God on their own. We don’t want our students to grow into adults that have just copied their parent’s faith, but instead have their own faith and understanding of who Jesus is.

"Taking a Step?"

We think that ‘taking a step’ means that our students are in fact moving closer to Jesus. We have spiritual habits that we want our students to practice; Spending time with others, spending time with God, using their gifts, and sharing their story. We count it as a step whenever a student practices one of these habits.


our program

Sunday Nights (6-9pm)

6th-12th Grade

  • games

  • food

  • lesson

  • small groups

  • worship

current curriculum 

We use a very powerful, and useful tool that’s called Grow Youth Ministry Curriculum. This has all of our series we go through, and great resources for us to better equip the adults that are investing into our students. Feel free to check it out!

For parents


Beulah Beach Logo

Beulah Beach is our Christian and Missionary Alliance district's summer camp for kids located on beautiful Lake Erie. Thousands of kids attend one or more camps each year. They offer an "early bird discount" for kids who are registered by March 15 each year. You can find out more information and register at

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