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heartland kids

our vision

  • We want to share the love of Jesus and the message of the Bible to children and plant seeds in their hearts that will blossom into a beautiful relationship with Jesus Christ, as they grow closer to Him. 

  • Teaching them to:

    • Read scripture daily

    • Pray daily

    • Listen to the Holy Spirit

    • Share the Good News 

  • Taking one step at a time.

sunday morning check-in

  • All of our children are precious, so we take their safety very seriously. In order to help us care for your children it is important to make a visit to the children's check-in table in the lobby before you send them to class. A helper will be available to walk you through the electronic check-in process and answer any questions you may have. Our kids from 1 year through Kindergarten go directly to class after check-in. Our 1st through 5th grade kids join the adults in the service, and are released from the auditorium to class. If you arrive after the check-in table has closed, please go with your child when released from the auditorium to check them in at the classroom. All of our classrooms are staffed with two screened adult workers at all times.

  • It is important to remember to notify the check-in helper if your child has any allergies or medical conditions each and every time they join us so we can care for them in the best possible way. Also remember that the portion of the name tag given to you when you sign in your children must be redeemed in order to pick them up after class.

toddlers1-3 YRS old

The toddler room is a place of loving-kindness and nurturing. This ministry is the beginning of leading a child to Christ. Little by little we build a Godly foundation for our young children. The physical needs of these children are met here through God's loving embrace. They experience that embrace through care, stories, and songs provided by caring teachers and assistants.


4-5 Yrs OLD

These children are growing in their understanding of Christ and His Word by working through  many different methods using stories, songs, games, crafts, prayer, and hands-on activities. 

1st-2nd grade


These children are learning to live in relationship with God and each other. They are beginning to think more outside of themselves.


Their lessons are Christ-centered. They move from Genesis to Revelation. All scriptures give testimony to Jesus & has a missional focus to respond to God.


This class has a monthly memory verse.

3rd-5th Grade


These children are learning about God and how important it is to live a life of faith in a relationship with Him. Their lessons are designed to present the material, including Bible stories, in a way that displays the greatness of God & gives testimony to Jesus. They are part of a large group gathering for worship and teaching, along with a more personal, small group time with their leaders. 

This class has a monthly memory verse.

children's ministry policies

Here's a quick look at the steps we've taken to care for your kids.

  • Two adult, screened workers are always in each classroom.

  • Children are released only to parent/guardian holding the claim slip.

  • Safety team members patrol the hallways during service and are always available to teachers via radios in each classroom.

  • First aid kits are available in each classroom for minor incidents. The Safety Team is available to call for emergency help if needed.

  • We do not allow or serve food in classrooms in order to avoid any allergic reactions.

  • Tornado and fire evacuation plans are posted in each classroom.

  • If a child has any of the following symptoms, he/she will not be admitted to the classroom:

    • Persistent coughing and/or sneezing

    • Fever (over 99 degrees, must be fever-free for 24 hours)

    • Runny nose and/or eyes

    • Any discolored nasal discharge

    • Unusual fatigue and irritability

    • Vomiting

    • Complaints of stomachache

    • Inflamed throat/swollen glands

    • Earache

    • Rash (except diaper rash)

    • Diarrhea (two or more loose bowel movements)  

Beulah Beach Logo

Beulah Beach is our Christian and Missionary Alliance district's summer camp for kids located on beautiful Lake Erie. Thousands of kids attend one or more camps each year. They offer an "early bird discount" for kids who are registered by March 15 each year. You can find out more information and register at

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