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samaritans for seniors

Samaritans for Seniors is a non-profit organization whose mission is "Meeting the needs of seniors by answering they call of our Lord, Jesus Christ." They do this by ministering to seniors in the area through service. Services include providing transportation, home repair, woodcutting (for elderly people who heat with wood), auto maintenance, providing counsel and advice, and many other services. You can contact Jeff Robertson (founder) at 419.688.1899 or at 220 Industrial Drive, Lexington, OH 44904 for more information on how you can participate in Samaritans for Seniors Mission.

love, inc

Love, Inc. (Love, In The Name of Christ) partners with local churches to help our neighbors in need. 


They focus on the two great commandments of loving God and loving our neighbors and coordinate efforts with the community (agencies, ministries, government, schools, etc.) to provide effective help for the disadvantaged.

All of this is accomplished through generous donations of items as well as the time of their volunteers.

richland pregnancy services

A Christ-centered ministry that provides services to

abortion-minded individuals.


Volunteers needed

Volunteers are desperately needed. Areas with unfilled positions are:

  • Pamphlet Coordinator

  • Ultrasound Assistant

  • Donation Processing

  • Client Data Entry

  • Boutique Clerk

  • Client Advocate

  • Volunteer Nurse

  • Mentor Mom

  • Mentor Dad


Volunteer trainings are scheduled soon.

Call 419.522.8863 x202 for more information.

kroger rewards





Select Heartland Church as your recipient of Kroger Reward points and help one of our partner organizations.

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